For the past 2 months, my hair has been in braids. I had these long, black braids with a touch of gold medium in size; they were awesome and suited me perfectly.
Until they got really old and my mum one day looked at them and exclaimed ‘’Oh my God Karen, how long have you had those braids? Please take them out today!’’
After going back and forth I had to take them out.


My long medium-size Darling braids, that I mixed with a few gold strips

2014 overall has not been a good year for my hair, and I (again) observed in the wide saloon mirror that it had started thinning, breaking and turning brown. What did not help was me blindly trusting different hair dressers who recommended pile after pile of different products they swore would do wonders.
My younger sister had her big chop some time last year in July and was now using these different natural hair products. I thought she was crazy for diligently following this routine at home. She no longer had to go to the saloon to do the usual treatments. But as I came to realize, the results of using natural products a few months later made her hair really soft and healthy.
Hats off to all my naturalistas, but I’m still keeping my treated hair (my goal is to have it healthy, thick and bouncy hair) so after stealing this Coconut oil (borrowing is what I mean) from her for a while, I decided to buy my own.
I am still putting together the products that I will use in my regimen but so far, switching to Coconut oil has been one of my best decisions this year. Why had no-one told me?? Apparently everyone has been raving about the results.


Small bottle of Parachute Coconut oil

My journey continues as I strive for better stronger and healthy looking hair. I’m super glad though about my recent obsession with Coconut oil. In its natural unprocessed state, coconut oil has a high moisture-retaining capacity and does not evaporate easily when applied to hair easily penetrating the hair shaft.
This is highly beneficial to black hair that is challenged by its inability to easily consume and retain moisture. Coconut oil’s high concentration of fatty acids also nourishes hair with protein that produces strong and long, soft and shiny hair.

How I Use It
I use coconut oil every time I go to the saloon after washing my hair and as a daily moisturizer every other day and massage it into my scalp. In addition to preventing dryness and dullness, coconut oil also reduces split ends, thinning and dandruff, all problems I previously struggled with.
Another trick I learned from my sister is to mix coconut oil with a teaspoon of olive oil and oil my hair the night before I go to the saloon-it works like magic. It’s amazing how soft and shiny your hair will be.I’m pretty sure I will use Coconut oil as a deep conditioner too (just need to figure out how)

I am also trying to work on a weekly regimen that suits my hair…
Overall, this single product can solve a dozen of health and beauty problems – excellent as a hair moisturizer, great for the skin, make-up removal, plus cooking!

I usually buy pure, unrefined coconut oil sold for cosmetic use or for food use from the food section at Capital Shoppers Supermarket or at Millennium Supermarket Kisementi. Both supermarkets have a big bottle and a ka small one. Big one goes for about 15,000Ugx and the small one is 7,500Ugx


This size goes for 7500UGX at Capital Shoppers

Well, that’s enough raving about Coconut Oil (for now)… I dare you to try it! Or perhaps you’re one of those that already knew about this amazing beauty product but kept to yourself? ( shame on you!)

Anyone care to share their experience or some tips and tricks on how they use coconut oil?

10 thoughts on “GOING COCONUTS!!!

  1. Bwandungi says:

    It is wonderful to know that there are Ugandans choosing to embrace the versatility of their hair once again!! So exciting to read your stuff here.

    I wonder what would happen if we all sat down with our Jajas and asked them what they did with their hair when they were young. I wonder if there are any secrets we can use from that time.

    Thank you so much for posting!


    • Misskaren says:

      Hi Bwandungi 🙂 You’re most welcome! I actually would like to start using natural products/ingredients as much as possible. *runs to Jaja’s room


  2. Joan jojo says:

    I am all for healthy hair, be it natural or relaxed. I love me some coconut oil, it is much better than olive oil. It also works as a good face mask; 1banana, 1tsp of coconut oil and mash them together. Apply to face and leave for 15mins, wipe the residue off and wash face with warm water.


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